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PJS Jazz Society, Inc.

Second Sunday Jazz Series

May 7, 2017- 5:30 PM

Sunday December 10, 2017- 5:30 PM

199 North Columbus Avenue

Mount Vernon, NY 10553-1196

Information: (914) 667-0823

Web site: http://pjsjazz.org

We wish to thank you for your support

Sixteen year old Matthew Whitaker began playing music when he was three years old on a keyboard that his grandfather gave him. He began learning the Hammond B3 when he was nine. When he was ten years old he performed with Stevie Wonder and by the time he was fifteen he was a Yamaha artist.

He has performed internationally and won numerous awards, among them the “Outstanding Soloist Award from Jazz at Lincoln Center.

We are pleased to present the Matthew Whitaker  Trio whose young, phenomenal pianist and bandleader,  composer and arranger is currently exciting the jazz world.

Sunday December 10, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

Onaje Allan Gumbs