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PJS Jazz Society, Inc.

Second Sunday Jazz Series

Sunday December 13, 2015- 5:30 PM

199 North Columbus Avenue

Mount Vernon, NY 10553-1196

Information: (914) 667-0823

Concert Information

Web site: http://pjsjazz.org

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“King” Solomon Hicks is a young man on the move. He has been a professional since he was 13 years old and playing at the Cotton Club in Harlem where he headlined the band. He has had many influences, B. B. King, Chuck Berry, Russel Malone, Wes Montgomery, Ray Shinnery his mentor. While he learns well, he has the wisdom to maintain his own voice and style.

He has recorded two CDs so far, Embryonic, and Carrying on the Torch of the Blues. He has written and arranged many songs. This concert will be a great opportunity to introduce a young person to the wonderful world of jazz.

We’ll see you there!!